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What’s the difference between Borden Dutch Chocolate Milk
and regular chocolate milk?

Dutch cocoa powder is made by treating cocoa beans with alkali (a type of salt) during the production process to help neutralize its natural acidity. This darkens the cocoa and gives Borden Dutch Chocolate Milk a smoother, milder chocolate flavor with less bitterness and astringency.

How much Dutch Chocolate Milk does Borden make per year?

Borden produces 350 million gallons of milk per year, a percentage of which is allocated to Dutch Chocolate Milk production. The exact percentage is determined by Elsie using a complex algorithm that factors in cocoa availability, Borden milk flavor profiles, the Farmer’s Almanac, and how many kids are on Santa’s “nice” list.

Does Borden Dutch Chocolate Milk come from brown cows?

Borden Dutch Chocolate Milk is made using nutritious, wholesome white milk that comes from cows of all shapes, sizes and colors. Brown cows that naturally produce chocolate milk are like unicorns – we’ve never seen one but we know they exist!

Has Borden ever been unable to meet demand for Dutch Chocolate Milk?

Borden has faced a number of challenges over the years. There was the great Dutch Chocolate Milk frenzy of 1908. And who can forget the devastating Dutch Chocolate Milk flood of 1939. But through it all, Borden has worked tirelessly to ensure everybody can get their favorite chocolate treat!

Can I make homemade
Borden Dutch Chocolate Milk?

Good question! Can you paint the Mona Lisa? Can you compose a world-renowned opera? Can you build a rocket ship and fly to the moon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are truly an amazing person, yet you still could not recreate the rich, delicious goodness that is Borden Dutch Chocolate Milk!